we design, install,

and maintain your

dream yard.

we design, install, and maintain your dream yard.

South Florida's #1 Landscape Designers since 2013

We come out to your home, design the yard of your dreams, and manage the entire project from start to finish.

South Florida's #1 Landscape Designers

We design the yard of your dreams.

1,200+ Homeowners ❤️ JW Landscape Designs

"JW made it easy for me to get the yard that I was looking for."

David L. - Southwest Ranches, FL

I found JW Landscape Designs because they were highly recommended from some friends.

What I love about JW is they made it easy for me to get the yard that I was looking for. They did what they said they were going to do when they were going to do it.

The reason I chose JW over the competition is because they made it really easy for me to get exactly what I wanted for my home. I would absolutely refer JW to somebody else. My entire experience working with them has been fantastic.

Design Your Dream Yard

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We provide top-notch 3D yard designs in the same week.

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"They came in and did a great job. No mess. no fuss. In and out. Everything was perfect. I couldn't be happier."

Fred R. - Parkland, FL

We were recommended to JW Landscape Designs by Van Kirk Pools. They built my pool, and they said JW is the best landscaper designer. We met, we drew up a plan and we went from there.

I love everything about JW Landscape Designs. Jason, the owner, is easy to work with. He helped us install a custom putting green with three holes that we love.

I'm super happy with the work Jason and JW Landscape Designs have done. The entire staff is great. They came in and did a flawless installation. No mess. No fuss. In and out. Everything was perfect. I couldn't be happier.

“I was blown away with the work JW has done. The quality of their work is phenomenal. they beautified my whole property.

Colm D. - Parkland, FL

I found JW Landscape Designs through Van Kirk Pools & Spas. Their work is excellent. I looked at some of their work in our local neighborhood, and it was phenomenal.

When I first met with the owner, Jason, I knew immediately he was the man for the job. Everything we worked on just felt natural. I would recommend JW Landscape Designs to anyone, 100%, because they made my life so easy.

They beautified my whole property. No issues and no problems every time they came to our home. It was a magnificent experience.


"They designed and created my backyard happiness."

John Reid, - Parkland, FL

I found JW Landscape Designs from a referral source and also by seeing the great work they've done around my neighborhood. We started out asking for a design. We did not want to just have a planting. I look at landscapers in two different ways. There are those who design and create and those who plant. When we sat down with Jason at JW Landscape Designs, we saw an opportunity to actually design.

Throughout the entire process, he literally walked us through  the next design steps and the next things we should see. Some of it was going to rocks, palm trees, or special flowers. It was always a step-by-step engagement process, not just planting and leaving. I would highly recommend JW Landscape Designs for that reason alone.

Everyone on their crew was happy, engaged, and working with us as customers. They are great, and you can see it in their work.

We manage your entire project from start to finish

Let us paint that perfect picture for you. You're walking through your neighborhood and you see that perfect piece of paradise: your neighbor's yard. They have beautiful Sylvester palms, a gorgeous pool, water features, and ornamentals in a perfectly manicured lawn.

We can design this perfect picture for you. There is a lot of detail that goes into landscaping including selecting the right plants and going over the overall design of an entire property. Landscaping can be very sensitive when newly installed, and it requires a proper understanding of all critical components(i.e. fertilization and irrigation). Our team will go over all of these pieces with you in our initial design process.

#1 Landscape Designers
in South Florida

since 2013

JW Landscape Designs has been dedicated to providing boutique, intimate, and charming landscape designs in South Florida, and the surrounding counties for the past 15 years. Our firm prides itself on designing a unique space. This process is a collaborative effort between our team and the homeowner.

This is achieved by having the tools to do so. Our firm has in-depth knowledge of landscape styles from all around the world. Further that with a great understanding and care for water management and conservation, and you have the results, which produce one of the strongest landscape design firms in the South Florida and the surrounding area.

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